Overnight Pet Sitting


 IMG_4302Our overnight pet sitting services are available in all of Wallingford, Cheshire, Plantsville & most nearby areas.  Your Professional Pet Sitter will  sleep in your home overnight with your pets and provide all needed pet & home care.   Your pet sitter will sleep in bed with your pets or follow the sleep routine of your request.

 Pet Sitting Visits with Overnights

You may choose to schedule Pet Visits 1-3 times a day with your overnight.

*Overnight Pet Sitting includes ALL care for ALL pets in your home

*Schedules & care routines are customizable to meet your pets needs

IMG_4112*All basic home care is included. Mail, Lights, blinds, garbage, & basic plant care

*All meals, supplements, & oral medication is included.

*Leash walking and outside playtime included as requested

IMG_4007*GPS check in & out included for all overnights & visits

*Daily email or text check in from your sitter included

*All overnight & visit details recorded in your pet sitting notebook.

* You may log in ANYTIME and see that your overnight has been completed & a note from your sitter

IMG_4104*SPS management monitors Overnight & Visit completion daily & serves as Back Up in the event your sitter has an emergency.

*Rates start at $90 per night