Recommendations For Keeping Your Pet Happy & Healthy During Pet Sitting970079_385106488274782_482318302_n

  1. Provide appropriate cooling or heating for your pets.  It worries your pet sitter considerably to know pets are uncomfortable between visits.   We cannot monitor them while we are not there, exposure to heat or cold could exasperate an unknown health condition.
  2. Limit Crate time, unless your dog is being confined do to an injury, or a puppy being crate trained, it is not appropriated for them to spend a majority of the hours of a day & night confined to a crate.  Dogs should have access to bedding, toys, & water between pet sitting visits.  If your dogs must be crated, discuss this with your pet sitter, to determine a plan for the best well being of your dog.
  3. Elderly pets should be examined by a veterinary and have blood work as close as IMG_3866possible to before you leave for your trip.   It is the strong belief of Sarah’s Pet Sitting that all elderly pets deserve palliative care.  Often there are many non-invasive ways to keep your pet comfortable and healthy as they age.  Untreated illnesses such as kidney disease, diabetes, thyroid conditions, urinary tract problems, dental disease  & many others can cause your pets considerable discomfort. Often the signs of this discomfort can be overlooked by well intending pet owners. Please discuss this topic in detail with your veterinarian. Mt Lore Animal Hospital
  4. Provide safe and healthy, food, toys, and treats for your pets. We recommend grain free food and treats for all pets, although that’s just a good starting point for finding the appropriate diet for your pet. Cats should have access to wet food everyday for proper hydration.  Please visit The Cheshire Cat & Dog on Waterbury Rd. in Cheshire. They can provide assistance with choosing appropriate food, treats, and toys for your pet.
  5. Provide clean litter boxes with clumping cat litter. Litter boxes that have not been replaced or scrubbed out in years are very unpleasant for you cat & can lead to cats going elsewhere in your home.  If the litter does not clump, urine is left behind, which can lead to a very strong ammonia smell in your litter box.  Please also provide a water dish for your cats that is separate from the dogs in your household. We strongly recommend a minimum of once daily visits for cats as certain common health conditions can be life threatening in a short amount of time.
  6. Leash walking is the best way to exercise your dog & keep them relaxed during your IMG_1049time away.  Please provide written permission for your pet sitter to walk your dog off your property and be sure that your dog has a current rabies vaccination.  Also, provide an “Easy Walk Harness” and a SHORT sturdy leash with a handle close to your dog. The “kong” brand leashes are excellent. Both items are available at Petsmart. These items allow your pet sitter to walk your dog safely and securely, which lets us spend the maximum amount of time exercising your dog. We have our own harness’s and leash, however it saves visit time if your dog already has a harness adjusted to fit them securely.
  7. Please make sure your invisible fence is working properly and all collars are provided and properly charged. Invisible fences are used at our discretion and at your own risk.  We ask that you be 100% confident that your dog will not leave your yard.  The invisible fence does not prevent other dogs or animals from entering your yard and causing harm to your dogs. We are happy to walk your dog on leash on or off of your property as directed.
  8. Please be cautious of collars & harness’s that you would like left on your dog in 21265_~1between visit. Dogs can become caught in their crate or in the house can cause injury to themselves. Collars with identification tags should be available for outside time. At NO time will chokes chains be used or left on your dog while unsupervised. We strongly prefer not to use any item that tightens around the neck of your dog.
  9. Sarah’s Pet Sitting is a member of The Association of  Force Free Pet Professionals. If your pet has behavior issues we can recommend you to a trainer whose methods we feel comfortable reinforcing during pet sitting.

Please let us know what happy healthy pet tips you would like to see added to this list.