Pet Sitting vs Doggy Daycare

Pet Sitting vs Doggy Daycare: Why Pet Sitting is more Cost-Efficient

By Sarah’s Pet Sitting

Are you weighing the options of pet sitting versus doggy daycare for your furry friends? The economics of the decision can play a big role. At Sarah’s Pet Sitting, we offer a financially smart choice. Let’s explore why pet sitting is not only cost-efficient but also a loving solution for your pets.

The Cost Factor:

When considering pet care services, cost is a crucial factor. Pet sitters in Connecticut often charge per visit or per hour, not per pet. This means you can have multiple pets, and you won’t see the costs increase substantially. In contrast, doggy daycare facilities typically charge per pet, which can quickly add up if you have more than one furry family member.

Value in Savings:

Choosing pet sitting over doggy daycare offers more than just cost savings. It means your pets can enjoy personalized care in the comfort of their own home. There’s no need for multiple trips to a daycare facility, making pet sitting a convenient and economical choice.

Pet Sitting vs Doggy Daycare

Our Pricing

Please visit our Services and Pricing page for more information on our rates. Typically you’ll find what’s included with our services far exceeds the care and attention your pets will receive in a doggy daycare facility.


Pet sitting at Sarah’s Pet Sitting is an affordable alternative to doggy daycare. With us, you don’t have to worry about escalating costs based on the number of pets you have. You can provide your pets with excellent care, personal attention, and peace of mind, all without breaking the bank. CONTACT US TODAY to learn more about our cost-effective pet sitting services and give your pets the care they deserve.