We found our lost cat with Apple AirTag

Finding Jaws: A tale of lost and found with Apple AirTag

By Sarah’s Pet Sitting

On December 9th, our cat Jaws slipped out the backdoor of our house unnoticed while we were grilling on the deck. Jaws is a bit of a loner, he tends to sleep in the house wherever it’s the warmest and it’s not uncommon for him to cozy up somewhere for a whole day without being seen. It wasn’t until the next day that we realized he was missing. After a quick search around the house, we remembered the Apple AirTag attached to his collar.

Jaws had gotten outside a couple years ago during a similar scenario and we found him later that day down the street playing the some neighborhood kids. Since this was the first time this ever happened we were a bit frantic so we researched different GPS collars as well as Apple AirTags. GPS collars are definitely more accurate in locating lost pets but they require charging every few days, we settled on the Apple Air Tag with an AirTag Holder for his collar since the battery tends to last well over a year.

AirTag for Cat Collar

So, after remembering the AirTag we opened the Find My app on our iPhones, revealing a green dot that meant Jaws was still in the neighborhood. We were still really worried about him as it was down pouring all day, we got in our car and drove around the neighborhood until our phones pinpointed his location.

Turns out, he had found a comfy spot in a neighbor’s backyard patio tent down the street. He was warm and dry and sleeping like a baby when we found him. The AirTag, with its long-lasting battery, made the search so much easier!

While we obviously don't encourage pets wandering freely, the practicality of the AirTag in locating Jaws was undeniable. It might not be an epic tale, but it's a reminder that sometimes, simple technology can be a real lifesaver for pet owners. Jaws is back home, and the AirTag totally proved its worth in those everyday moments that catch us off guard.

Here is a link to the Air Tag and AirTag holder we use for Jaws' cat collar.

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