Sarah’s Pet Sitting specializes in cat sitting in Cheshire, Wallingford,  Plantsville, & Hamden CT and other nearby areas.  Owner Sarah MacDonald is the parent of two cat children herself, so she understands the needs to keep cats safe and happy while you’re away.

Callie client pet

When hiring a cat sitter there are some special things to consider.  The most important is how often your sitter will visit your cats. Professional Pet Sitting businesses require a minimum of once daily pet sitting visits for cat only households.  Cats should have litter boxes scooped at minimum once per day and also receive wet or raw food a minimum of once per day.  Once daily litter box scooping prevents household soiling.  Cats that receive dry food only are dehydrated and can develop a number of health problems, please visit for more information. Professional Pet Sitters can visit your cats more frequently or even stay overnight if requested.   When hiring a pet sitter for once daily visits please discuss if they will be spacing the visits evenly apart to make sure your cats are not left alone too long. A condition called Feline Urethral Obstruction, which is common in male cats eating dry food only, can put your cat in a life threatening situation within a matter of 48 hours.

Jaws after intestinal obstruction surgery from eating a cat toy.

Your professional cat sitter will understand the importance that cats are kept securely indoors.  They will take care to find each cat during every visit.  Cats like to hide so you may want to isolate skittish cats and/or cats in need of medication to one room of your home.  This will allow your pet sitter to find your cat more easily and medicate them if needed. You’ll want to block of any potential hiding places where a pet sitter would not be able to easily reach your cat.

Medicating cats can be a challenge.  If your cats need medication you will want to make sure your pet sitter is experienced with giving pills to cats or giving injections if needed.  Your pet sitter can make many suggestions to help ease the medication process for your cat such as, pill pockets, flavored liquid medication, & use of a pill popper.  They will also have a basic understanding of the common ailments cats need to be medicated for, such as kidney failure, diabetes, and thyroid problems.

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Your pet sitter should be familiar with the various types of raw and wet food diets appropriate for cats.  They can also leave down the appropriate amount of dry food, so your cats are not hungry in between visits.  It is NOT recommended to free feed dry food during pet sitting. Cats that are not used to this will overeat considerably which can cause vomiting and other problems.  It is also VERY important in multi cat households that your pet sitter can see each cat eat each day.  A life threatening condition called Feline Hepatic Lipidosis can occur if cats stop eating and do not receive veterinary care. For more information on how to transition your cat to a species appropriate wet or raw food diet safely please visit

Cats have all different personality types. Some like playtime, other wants to snuggle, or just want to be left alone.  Your experienced pet sitter will understand this and tailor your pet sitting visits to meet the needs of your cats. They will also be experienced manage households with cats and dogs or other types of pets.

If you are in the CT area and looking for a cat sitter, please Contact Us.  If you are outside of our service area we can recommend an excellent Cat Care Provider in your area.