Doggie Day Care and Dog Walking are two excellent options to keep your dog’s day entertaining while you are at work.   Long hour’s alone and/or long hours in a crate can be extremely detrimental to your dog and can cause serious behavior issues.

All dogs should receive a minimum of 1 hour of structured play or leash walking per day.  High-energy dogs are at their best when they receive a minimum of 2-3 hours of exercise per day.  Any dogs struggling with behavior issues should receive the most amounts of exercise and human & dog interaction possible.  Being let out alone in a fenced in yard does NOT count toward exercise requirements.

What is Dog Walking?

Dog walking is when you hire a professional pet sitter or force free trainer to visit your dog in your home.  They provide safe leash walking in your yard or neighborhood.  The appropriate leash and harness will be recommended.  Your dogs can be walked together or separately but are NOT walked with other dogs from outside your household.  If your dog is not easily managed on a leash, playtime in your fenced in yard can be substituted.  When outside condition are not favorable for walking, a potty break and indoor playtime will be provided.  Interaction with other dogs is typically minimal but may be allowed with know friendly dogs being walked by others in your neighborhood.

What is Dog Day Care?

Dog day care is when you bring your dog to a facility for the day while you are at work.  Many dogs interact together in a large indoor or outdoor area.  Dogs must be friendly with other dogs to enjoy doggie day care.  Vaccines and test for parasite are required.  Please inquire as to the number dogs & staff monitoring them.  Also inquire as to the ability to separate dogs when needed.  Day boarding is an option for dogs that may not want to play with other dogs.  You can typically add individual leash walking and playtime to this service.


The average cost of Doggie Day Care in CT is $27 per day for one dog.  Additional dogs cost extra.  They often offer discounts for booking multiple days.  Each facility differs in hours and what is included.

An afternoon dog walk with a pet sitter in CT will typically cost between $20-$25 per 30 minute visit.  Typically additional dogs are included if they can easily be walked together.


The convenience of a dog walker is excellent.  They will meet with you to go over your dog’s routine. In addition to a walk or playtime, fresh water, treats, feeding, and medications can also be included at no extra cost.  Your schedule can be booked as needed or on a recurring basis.  Once you have met your pet sitter & decided on a schedule very little work is required of the client.

Doggie Day Care can be considered less than convenient, as you will need to transport your dog to them each morning and pick them up in the evening.  Some dogs may not enjoy car rides and some will get sick in the car, which is certainly an added inconvenience.

Dog Experience

This all depends on the individual dog and how well they like to travel and enjoy the company of other dogs.  The familiar surroundings of your home and neighborhood make dog walking a very low stress option for your dog.

Do use a dog walker or doggie day care service? Some people may choose to alternate between services to get the best of both worlds.  Please share your comments and questions.