If you are not careful, it could be fleas and ticks. This the season – these pests are suppose to be worse than ever this spring- summer due to the extreme damp conditions.


Fleas are not only bothersome and itchy for your pet, did you know they can carry diseases such as Typhus, Bartonella ( rash, swollen glands and fever would be the mild version) and even started the bubonic plague! Once they invade your home, they are very, very difficult to get rid of. They feed off pets & humans. Flea bites on humans look like tiny raised red dots that are in clusters usually that are very itchy.

Health Line

Your pet may have a flea infestation if he is constantly scratching, ( mostly ear area as fleas tend to multiply in the ears) if you see ” flea dirt” where you dog was resting – flea dirt is actually flea “droppings” if you see them ( look like small black pepper flakes) put them on a tissue and add a drop of water, they will turn red, that is your pets blood!

Below is my go-to site for all pet related flea/tick questions..

Pet Med

Ticks as we all know can carry a number of diseases such as Lyme & Ehrlichia which is another tick born bacterial infection that needs to be treated with doxycycline, sometimes for as long as 60 days . Tick checks should be done daily on your pets if they’ve spent time outside at the end of the day. A comb really helps to separate thick or double coats…

Below are 2 very informative sites on tick Identification.

Web MD Ticks

Tick Encounter

I know many people like to use the ” natural remedies ” and I’ve found a few that work, for the most part, but they MUST be applied frequently and not just once a season.

Below is my favorite site for natural remedies…

Mother Earths News


Mountain Rode Herbs

I prefer to use Advantix, as we’ve tried absolutely everything to keep ticks at bay as we live in a wooded area and my 3 pups were still getting covered . One of my dogs contracted Lyme while on a natural flea/tick repellant – Lyme even after treatment. can be quite painful at times.

So, pet loving friends, whatever method you choose for flea and tick control, and there are so many options, please chose wisely, act quickly, and stay on top of it for happy pets and pest free homes!

Have a great summer and I will be looking forward to taking care of your furry children.