This is one of the most common questions our dog walking clients in Cheshire ask and unfortunately their is no one answer.  Just like us humans each dog is an individual and requires it’s own workout regime.  Also just like humans each dog will be stimulated mentally by different types of activity.  For me, strength training and lifting weights is my idea of heaven, my wife…..not so much,  her idea of a great workout is yoga, dancing, or Pilates.  The same holds true for your dogs.

For example a larger or sportier breed such as a greyhound was bred to run at full speed and hunt, it’s in their DNA.  A greyhound running full blast with the goal of catching a “prey” item or toy would be equivalent to the bench press for most guys at the gym,  it’s their claim to fame and what they look forward to most.  A chihuahua on the other hand was bred as in indoor dog, designed to catch small vermin.  They obviously would require must less physical activity. But just because you wouldn’t take your chihuahua out for a jog doesn’t mean he doesn’t like exercise.  Chihuahua’s are very smart, and were made for catching small critters running around your house, so logically that’s what is going to stimulate them.  Try hiding a small treat in a cardboard box or putting their favorite toy under the couch.

Now if anyone reading this exercises regularly, goes to the gym, Crossfit, or owns a TV for that matter then you’ve most certainly heard the the term Paleo.  Every few years like clock work a new miracle dieting/exercise routine emerges.  Just think back, Low Carb Diet, Atkins, South beach, or even prepackaged meals delivered to your door, the list goes on and on.  Paleo is termed as the caveman diet and preaches the fact that humans were designed to eat and exercise a certain way and over time we have strayed away from that.  Now although I do not believe in a majority of the Paleo ideas I must say this is the first diet that almost got it right.  Now where am I going with this??

It’s pretty simple, if you and your dog eat and exercise the way you were meant to you will be fit and healthy.  Just like a human your dog was bred for a certain purpose, and I assure you it was not to lay on the couch or walk around in your fenced in yard.  If you truly want to provide adequate exercise and have your pet feel healthy and satisfied take a look at what they were meant to be doing and do your best to simulate it.  I think you will be happy with the results.

Here are some great exercise ideas for you and your dog.

  • Running
  • Interval Jogging
  • Playtime at a dog park
  • Leash Walking
  • Retrieving Games
  • Hunting simulations

AlexCanine Coach @ SPS