There is no easy answer to this question.  If your pet lives a long healthy life, free of accident or misadventure, pet health insurance will not help you much.  However, if your pet is like most pets and does encounter a major health crisis, having pet insurance can save you a ton of money.

Because pet health insurance is not subject to the same regulations that human health insurance is, pet health insurance will not cover preexisting conditions.  Most pet health insurance will not cover routine care such as health exams, spay/neuter surgery or vaccinations.  What they do cover is emergency care and major health problems.  Those pet insurance agencies that do offer coverage for routine care, often don’t cover the things you need.  It can actually cost you more in premiums for routine care coverage, than it would to just go ahead and pay for those things yourself.

Pet health insurance is most cost effective if you buy it when your pet is young and maintain it through the life of your pet.  It is important when shopping for a health insurance that is best for you and your pet you look for one that covers as much as possible.  Many pet health insurances don’t cover hereditary conditions or congenital conditions, or will stop covering chronic conditions after a period of time.

The four best rated and recommended Pet Insurance Companies are Healthy PawsEmbracePetplan USA, and Trupanion

All four companies cover most hereditary conditions, and offer full coverage for the lifetime of your pet once enrolled.  This includes chronic conditions that are not preexisting conditions.  All four companies require you to bring your pet in for an annual physical at your own cost, and do not cover routine preventative care or costs associated with failure to use routine preventative care such as vaccinations, heart worm prevention, flea and tick prevention and regular dental check ups.

Pet health insurance can provide great peace of mind for you and your pet.  It can keep emergency care in a range where you can afford to give your pet the best care possible, and may be the difference between a lifesaving surgery and having to let your pet go.

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