Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Professional Pet Sitter (PPS)269502_205585169487634_6087659_n

By Sarah MacDonald

  1. Liability Insurance & Bonding: Professional Pet Sitters have both to protect your pets & home in an accident or theft.
  2. Pet CPR & First Aid Certification: Your Professional Pet Sitter knows how to properly care for your pet in an emergency,
  3. Back Up: Your Professional Pet Sitter has back up in the form of employees who can cover pet sitting in an emergency.
  4. Full Time: Professional Pet Sitters pet sit FULL TIME your business is their main source of income, making you the client top priority.
  5. Experience: Your PPS works with all different types of pets on a daily basis. They have the knowledge to be on Kennel-Prolookout for potential dangers to your home & pets.
  6. Workers Compensation: Professional Pet Sitters have workers compensation insurance to cover employees, this protects you the client if a pet sitter is hurt on your property.
  7. Quality Time: Professional Pet Sitters are focused on spending quality time with your pets; they aren’t rushing or pet-prof-guildworrying about staying within a particular time limit.
  8. Leash Walking: Professional Pet Sitters knows how to handle your dog on a leash safely & can recommend the appropriate leash & harness for your type of dog.
  9. Client Management System: Professional Pet Sitters have a secure online system to manage all scheduling & invoicing. NO Pet is forgotten.

10. Peace of Mind: You have the peace of mind knowing ALL bases are covered, you can relax and enjoy your vacation or focus on your workday knowing that your pet is receiving excellent and professional care.