With the snow being abundant over the past few weeks, we here at Sarah’s Pet Sitting have had a little bit of time on our hands.  Whether we are snowed in at SPS headquarters or at one of our client’s homes, watching a good animal flic helps to pass the time.  So after an intense and heated debate between the SPS staff we have managed to compose a list of the Top 10 Pet/Animal Related Movies of All Time.  Are you Ready!!

#10 – SHREK

            I mean come on, it’s got a wise cracking, talking donkey, what’s not to love.

#9 –  E.T.

            This one cause a bit of a debate, but some of our judges insisted that E.T fits into the animal category

#8 –  Kung Fu Panda

            The title pretty much sells itself

#7 –  Dr. Doolittle

            Now whether you like the original or the remake with Eddie Murphy, I think everyone can agree this movie is a great laugh

#6 – Beethoven

            I almost forgot about this one, it brings back great memories of my child hood.  Who can forget that great slobber scene with Beethoven and Steve Martin.

#5 – Jaws

            Us girls didn’t think to include this one but it’s one of Pet Sitter Alex’s favorite movie of all time, he insists he’s seen it well over 100 times.

#4 –  White Fang

            Disney sure knows how to make a tearjerker!

#3 – Finding Nemo

            Another Disney Classic

#2 – Homeward Bound

            We all knew right away this one was going to be in the top 3, the only question was where.  Cat’s Rule & Dog’s Drool!!

#1 – Babe

            This is just an all around feel good movie.  Everyone here at SPS love’s this movie about the talking sheep herding piglet, what’s not to love!

So that’s our top 10.  So I think everyone can agree that snuggling up with your dog, cat, or children to watch a good movie is a great way to spend a snow day.  So let us know we’re we right on (of course we were) with our list or way off.  Let us know and please feel free to share this on Facebook and add to the list.  We would really love to hear from you.