A blog by : Professional Pet Sitter Annie

I have worked for Sarah’s Pet Sitting for almost 2 years now. As a pet sitter you might be asked to give the pet in your care, medication.  Most likely the two ways this is done is either with a pill and / or liquid, with or without food, depending on the medication.

I first met Harry and his ever so cute side kick Teddy, about 8 months ago. Harry had been diagnosed with kidney disease and requires 2 types of medication at each visit…one is in pill form and the other is in liquid form. He takes these with deli turkey or cheese or in a pill pocket and the liquid is from a syringe. Harry does great with these.

A few months ago it was decided by Harry’s veterinarian that Harry required Sub Q fluids to help prevent dehydration and to keep him happy and healthy.  Harry couldn’t absorb a lot of the fluid just by drinking water from a bowl. Harry would need this procedure done, twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.

Sarah asked if any of her employee’s would like to learn how to administer Sub Q fluids so I volunteered for this. Sarah decided that I would need 3 lessons to learn how to give Harry his Sub Q fluids and how to set up everything I needed for this procedure. (Sarah is a Certified Veterinary Technician and had the permission from Harry’s Mom and Dad)

Sub Q fluids is a technique of inserting a needle just under the skin between the shoulder blades on the upper part of his neck. After explaining and showing me how to do this verbally, we were ready for me to give Harry his evening dose of fluids.  I had the needle and I must admit I was a little nervous, having never given an injection or shot to a human or an animal before but listened carefully as Sarah told me…Just do it…. don’t over think it and stay calm I asked her…is this going to hurt Harry..she replied, No, so I gave it my best shot…..no pun intended…

Harry sat quietly on his blanket and didn’t make a peep…while the fluids were absorbed into his skin…which took about 10 minutes or so….he did fantastic I was able to follow all of Sarah’s verbal instructions, which were great and easy to follow. When Harry was finished receiving his Sub Q fluids we all went outside and Harry rolled in the grass and he was alert and happy…

Sarah had more confidence in me , than I had in myself and I am very excited to have learned how to give Sub Q fluids to family pets…

It was a new and challenging experience, but the best part of this is, that Harry can live a long and happy life with his brother, Teddy, and his parents can go on vacation knowing that Harry will be well taken care of and doesn’t have to go and stay over night at the veterinary hospital to get these fluids which can be upsetting and frightening to an animal.

Harry is a wonderful dog and is my great little patient too. I learned so very much from Sarah. I hope to learn more useful techniques in the future.

Pet Sitter Annie““