What Is The Best Leash For My Dog?

Dog Walker Cheshire

Sarah’s Pet Sitting has met and walked so many different types of dogs, with various levels of leash training.  We have come to recognize some of the best leashes for safe leash walking.

Sarah’s Pet Sitting recommends a short 4 foot leash like the Kong Traffic Leash, which has a handle at the human’s end, as well as a handle close to the dog’s end.  This allows for better handling and maneuvering in tight spaces and on the street.  A shorter leash keeps your dog closer, and prevents your dog from building up the kind of momentum that could result in him breaking the leash, or tripping his dog walker.

If your dog is blind, deaf, or nervous around other dogs, SPS recommends that you provide a leash cover/sleeve so that others will know to give your dog some space. http://dogsinneedofspace.com/gear-and-tools/ is an excellent resource to find something that will work for you and your pet.

For dog training, our trainers recommend a sturdy, but light 6 foot leash in leather or nylon.  If you are interested in advanced leash training, a good hands free leash would be needed.

Sarah’s Pet Sitting DOES NOT recommend retractable leashes, and may not be able to walk your dog on a retractable leash due to safety concerns for your pet and your dog walker.  Retractable leashes can cause injuries, some so bad as to require amputation.  If the clip breaks while your dog is a distance away, the recoil has been known to cause eye injuries as well as face lacerations.