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Sarah’s Pet Sitting

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Pet SittingDog WalkingDog Training

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What Questions to Ask When Adopting a Pet Part 2

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Click here for Part 1

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5.  Is the rescue group comfortable and able to answer your questions? Do you feel like they are giving you full answers?


The group should be able to tell you a basic history of each dog they have up for adoption as well as fill you in on the requirements for adoption and the process.  

If the group is evasive, or takes longer than a week to respond to inquires, you may what to move on to another group.  While many groups are understaffed and struggle to respond to each inquiry, they should at minimum be able to respond within a week letting you know why a response is delayed.


6.  Is the rescue group asking you questions? Do you feel like they have a good idea of what kind of dog you need and why?


The rescue group should be very interested in knowing about your history with dogs as well as what kind of home you will provide.  They should be asking you about your routines and habits.  It may seem intrusive, but the purpose of all those questions is to find out what kind of dog would be the best match for you and your family.


7.  What resources are in place for after you bring your new pet home?  Will they take a pet back if an issue arrises that you are not prepared to face?


It is important that the rescue group be there for you and your pet even after you take your pet home.  Sometimes even the best group can get the match wrong and you will find yourself with a pet that just doesn’t fit in.  The rescue group should be willing and able to help you if this happens.


The rescue group should also have access to professionals in the area who can help with dog training and behavioral problems.  Ask your group about anyone who offers special rates to families who recently adopted.

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Click here for a list of Connecticut Animal Rescues


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What to Ask When Adopting A Pet Part 1

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Our Pet Sitting Team

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