By: Pet Sitter Annie

My dog Sunny was diagnosed with lymphoma, a form of cancer on February 6 2014….
he has a tumor under his neck ..
I have done a lot of research since his diagnosis a few months back to give him every possible chance of living a long ,,happy, and healthy life.
Cancer in pets is NOT a death sentence anymore..

I cook for him….make sure he is happy and gets love and exercise and socialize him with my neighbors pets more now than ever..he loves to hang out with them.which makes him very happy, both physically and emotionally.

He is on medication too…he takes predinsone which is a steroid and this has helped in shrinking his tumor for now.

I heard a commercial on TV the other day that Petsmart was trying to help dogs beat cancer.

All you have to do is this ”

Visit your local Petsmart and purchase any Organix product… A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Heal Cancer.
This also helps support the National Canine Cancer Foundation.

This whole program was started when a young boy named Chase who is 9 years old was diagnosed with a type of bone cancer.IMG_0125
While in the hospital Chase was visited by several service dogs.
His cousin Patrick saw how happy these service dogs made Chase so he enrolled his own dog Bentley to be certified to become a therapy dog and a service dog to help other kids at local hospitals..
Patrick and Bentley are visiting different hospitals in different states , as well

To read more about his story you can visit

Every day I have with Sunny , is wonderful and is a blessing
We have a lot more ways we can help our 4 legged pets if they have been given a diagnosis of cancer….with love, diet , medication accupunture, holistic medications and with help in research which Petsmart is trying to do

This story is personal but many pets have been diagnosed with cancer so I thought I would share one easy step we can all do to help with the research and give our furbabies the best fighting chance that we can

Pet Sitter Annie