Hiking 101 with your dog from West Hartford Pet Sitters
A Guest Blog by: Kim Thomas of West Hartford Pet Sitters
So, you’re heading out for a hike on a beautiful weekend morning.  Here’s a checklist to ensure you and your four-legged pal have a pleasant hike:

1)      Ensure the trail is dog-friendly.

2)      Check your dog’s ID tag to ensure it’s secure and your name and phone number is current and accurately displayed

3)      Have a basic first aid kit (bandages, tweezers, ointment, bandanna).

4)      Bring a leash, collar and waste bags (nothing ruins a hike more than stepping in dog poop).

5)      Have both your vets and an emergency vet’s phone number on you.

6)      Have a photo of your dog.

7)      Bring plenty of water (and a collapsible water bowl if your dogs won’t drink out of a bottle).

8)      Do research on the trail to make sure there are no snakes or the trail is a good fit for both you and your dog’s physical capabilities/limitations.

9)      Don’t let your dog drink from a puddle or stream (risk of bacteria like Giardia).

 10) Don’t let your dog swim in certain areas (West Hartford Reservoir prohibits swimming or wading in the reservoir by both humans and pets – you will be fined!)

11)   Monitor your dog and make sure he/she doesn’t overexert him/herself.

12)   At end of hike, check for ticks – check out our blog about removing ticks if you find one.

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