Healthy Homemade Diets for Pets

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Homemade diets for pets can be controversial.

Veterinarians may warn against homemade diets because a good amount of research and work is required to prepare your own nutritionally complete food for your pet. However if done correctly feeding your pet a home made nutriotanlly complete diet could be one of the easiest ways to Save Money At The Vet  and help your pets live a long and happy life.

A healthy homemade pet food may be a great option for pets with special dietary needs, food allergies, or elderly pets that may be picky about eating.  It’s crucial to make sure that you research this topic in detail to make sure you are providing a nutritional complete and specifies appropriate diet for your pet.

Please keep in mind that wild cats and dogs would eat the entire prey animal, so it is crucial that healthy home made diets for pets contain the correct proportions of meat, bone and organ.  If you are not including meat, bone and a variety of organ meats you have to supplement to replace these nutrients

Home Made Pet Food

The amount of grains and vegetables in a healthy homemade diets should be relatively small.  Carnivores animal such as cats would only consume plant matter found in their preys intestinal tract.  Dogs can be more omnivorous and can eat more plant based foods.

If you choose to feed a raw or cooked homemade diet it is best follow a recipe for a nutritionally complete diet.  If you are guessing, you are taking the risk of your pet having a nutritional deficiency.  Once possible deficiency is a lack of calcium for pets eating homemade diet without added bone or calcium.

If you are interested in making a healthy homemade diet for you cat is a great resource with tons of detailed information on preparing a home made diet for your pet.

Another one of our favorite resources is Thomason Feed in CheshireAll of their staff is extremely knowledgable and they can help you pick healthy ingredients as well as pre made nutritionally complete diet for your pet.  Even if you plan to start preparing a homemade diet it is always convenient to have pre made food on hand for when you may be short on time.  They carry a great variety of dry, canned, freeze dried, and raw foods.  Please stop by their store or visit their website for more information.

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