• Set a timer while working & get up to stretch for 5 minutes every 30 min – 1 hr.
    More Snuggle Time! Less Computer Time! Expert advice from Batman.
  • Set a timer & get up and eat and/or drink every 2-3 hours
  • Drink PLENTY of water; add lemon or unsweetened coconut water for flavor.
  • LIMIT your caffeine & sugar consumption & EAT CLEAN!
  • Exercise moderately a minimum of 1 hour per day!! Join a gym or try yoga.
  • Limit inflammation causing foods in your diet.
  • Increase anti-inflammatory foods, spices, & supplements in your diet.
  • Visit the Chiropractor regularly
  • Work standing up, place your laptop or tablet on a high table or shelf
  • Work reclining, lay back on a pillow with your tablet or laptop in your lap
  • Use heat & ice generously to ease sore muscles.
  • Take a bath or hot shower and add essential oils for aromatherapy at home.
  • Increase daily snuggle time with your cat or dog.
  • Increase daily leash walk time with your dog and use  a leash/harness that prevents pulling.
  • Get a massage by a loved one!!

Let us know your tips & tricks for fighting fatigue and pain caused by overtime on the computer.