Have you considered hiring a professional pet sitter?  Do you understand what a professional pet sitter does?

A pet sitter cares for your pets in your absence in your home. A professional pet sitter is insured, credentialed, & experienced.

Pet Sitting is an excellent and affordable alternative to boarding your pets.  Dog & Cat boarding works great for some pets & owners but it’s just not for everyone.  Some dogs do not like other dogs, or loud noises. Your pet may hate driving in the car. You may dread having to pack up all your pets, with their food & things, and bringing them to kennel right before you leave for vacation.

Hiring a professional pet sitter can solve all that and more.  Your pets never leave the comfort of their home.  The pet sitter comes to you to go over their routine care in great detail.  The pet sitter will follow all your instructions for feeding & medicating your pets.  Your pet sitter can visit your pets multiple times a day and/or sleep overnight with them. Typically after one night of overnight sitting your pets will barely notice your gone. They have new loving and warm person to snuggle with in bed at night.

Pet Sitting can be very affordable alternative to pet boarding.  Most pet sitting companies do not charge extra for multiply pets or other additional services that kennels charge extra for.  Leash walking and outdoor playtime is at no extra cost.  Giving oral medications it typically at no extra cost.  Is your pet elderly, diabetic, or recovering from surgery? Some will consider veterinary boarding but this can be stressful & noisy, with limited individual attention. A professional pet sitting company will have a Certified Veterinary Technician on staff who can visit your pets with medical needs.  A vet tech has experience working in a veterinary hospital and can safely administer insulin, subcutaneous fluids, or physical therapy to your pet.

The best part about hiring a pet sitter is that they not only care for your pets but for your home as well.  They bring in mail, adjust lights and blinds, take out garbage, water plants & more.  Professional pet sitters are experienced using alarm systems as well. Your home appears occupied to the outside world.  Your pet sitter can check in with you regularly so you will no your pets & home are safe and secure.  The peace of mind this brings is truly priceless.

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