I’d like to share a few excellent resources for aspiring pet sitting business owners.  A year ago I was looking for information online on how to hire an Independent Contractor for my pet sitting business.  I stumbled upon PeSittingology and the IC Toolbox.  After considering several other options online I purchased the IC Toolbox and was up and running with my IC in a matter of days.

PetSittingology lead me to my next discovery the Association of Pet Sitting Excellence, which is a business oriented professional association for pet sitters.  I quickly joined and was very pleasantly surprised with the quality of the content.   Over the last year I have made A LOT of positive changes to my business and everything has come from APSE.  It’s how I discovered Leash Time, improved my website,  & discovered the excellent advice of Bella from Jump ConsultingThe best part about it was that I really didn’t have to do much research or spend a lot of money, all these great ideas just started showing up in my inbox via the APSE newsletter & PetSittingology blog.  I’ve now started blogging and now have upgraded to having employees instead of independent contractors.

What I find really special about it is that these “important points” keep finding me; it actually makes it difficult NOT to change your business for the better.  For example, I could never seem to get the content right on my homepage, I just didn’t really know what to put up front and center.  I watched a website review with Joshua Cary, he talked about making a connection with the client and highlighting your specialties on your homepage.  It didn’t really sink in at first.  Sure enough a few weeks later a blog article came to my inbox discussing the same home page topic, that’s when I finally got it.  I was able to finally get the content on my homepage that really showed who we are and what we are all about.

I very strongly recommend becoming a member of the Association of Pet Sitting Excellence and using the resources on the PetSittingology website.  I would also strongly recommend following the corresponding social media.  The great ideas will literally be knocking down your door and they are applicable to all small and large pet sitting businesses.  Thank you Joshua Cary, PetSittingology, & APSE.