At Sarah’s Pet sitting we have several fun and cool ways to keep your dog and / or cat happy healthy and free from boredom while your away , whether at work or on vacation.
It’s normal for dogs to bark once or twice when they hear a strange noise from outside to let you know..something’s not just right..that is OK, but a barking dog when there alone is probably missing you as the owner or is just plain bored..
Some dogs do have separation anxiety and may feel scared if there owners are leaving for a long period of time..
My veterinarian, Dr. Michael Suhie taught me this trick years ago and I recommend it to our clients and they love it and use this trick too
When your planning to leave for vacation…where a T-shirt for 5 or 6 days in a row without washing it….leave it where your dog or cat is going to sleep for the night , in their crate or on their doggie bed or on a cat tree…this sends the message to your pet , that your coming back…it gives them a sense of security and your presence, since there sense of smell is so awesome..
We also put dog’s dry food in kongs, cover the openings with Peanut Butter, cream cheese, or pumpkin, and put it in the freezer over night and give it to your pet at the next visit…they love this trick and it keeps them occupied for hours and hours..
As owners, you know your pets favorite toys and snacks so feel free to leave us some and will we give them when we visit..
I strongly feel “Rawhide ” is NOT an acceptable treat as it is not easily digested by dogs and my dogs vomit if they eat them.
We can throw a ball for your dog in the yard or in the house to tire them out, we can also turn on the TV and / or the radio, which ever your pet prefers.
We can play with your cat and have snuggle time and TLC and pets so which seems to make them very mellow and comfortable and relaxed…
Cheshire Cat and Dog 11 , Petsmart, Petco, Agway, just to name a few, sell great toys for all your pets needs
At Sarah’s Pet Sitting we are always coming up we cool idea’s to help keep the stress and anxiety down while you are away from home.
Pet Sitter Annie“`
with advise from Dr. Michael Suhie