Pet Insurance name tag & Safety Collar

All dogs and cats should wear ID tags with there Name, address, and phone number and / or the veterinarian’s information as well
Having your pet micro chipped is also a great back up system..Animal control officers take your pet to the local veterinarian and have them scan it to find the owner.
Accidents can happen in a spilt second…a dog or cat can get out of the house if they hear a loud noise or get scared or even during a Thunderstorm or even if a door is left opened by mistake..
There is some debate on whether to list the pets name because some people who steal animals can call the pet by there name if the name is on the tag
I find this to be disturbing but it has happened and has been a topic of a lot of discussion recently
I feel that all people who own animals should have some kind of pet ID tag on there pet even if the pet isn’t an outside animal
Safety always comes first and having your pet wear some kind of informational ID tag and being micro chipped will give you, as an owner , some peace of mind if your pet were to ever run away or get loose
Safety first  for all are pets who we love so much
Pet Sitter Annie““
any feed back on this topic would be greatly appreciated
we can all learn to keep are pets safe if we share idea’s