5 Excellent Stories Featuring Cats

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The Cat Who Could Read Backwards

by Lilian Jackson Braun

This is a wonderful mystery, first in a series of mysteries featuring a very clever cat and a not so clever human sidekick.  This whole series of books are a wonderful light read for anyone who loves murder mysteries and cats.


by Kij Johnson and Claire Eddy

This is two stories rolled into one.  It begins with Harueme, an aging princess, who writes a story about a very special tortoiseshell cat that is transformed into a human woman.  This cat goes on to experiences that Harueme was never able to have, because unlike Harueme she is not hedged in by expectations. It takes pace in 12th century Japan and stays very true to the period and the culture.

Homer’s Odyssey

by Gwen Cooper

This is an autobiographical account of Gwen Cooper’s life and the blind kitten that shared it.  It recounts the tiny kitten that ‘would never amount to much’ and how that kitten proved to be stronger and more capable than anyone could imagined.  He survived being trapped in her NYC apartment after 9/11, and continued to suport Gwen through life, and love and heartbreak.  If you have ever lived with a pet that has touched your heart, this is a story you can relate to.

Tailchaser’s Song

by Tad Williams

This is the first book ever written by Tad Williams, and it quickly became a classic.  It is the story of a young tom cat and his journey through the world of M’an to seek out his missing friend Hushpad. He encounters many different cats, gods, heroes and villains on his journey and in the end finds himself.

James Herriot’s Cat Stories

by James Herriot

This is a series of short stories written by veterinarian James Herriot.  Many of these stories appeared in his other books, but this is a collection of the best cat stories he wrote, in one place.  It is full of humor, wit and compassion and a great look in on the life and love of cats.