As we all know this has been a really warm winter, which means that fleas and ticks this year will be worse than normal.  Spring is when we need to think about how best to prevent these pests from getting inside. What are some of the best ways to keep fleas off your canine and feline friends?

Keep fleas and ticks off your pets

There are many products that can help keep fleas and ticks from making your pet home.  There are several topical spot on treatments such as and frontline as well as chewable pills. The most successful preventatives for this area seem to be Advantix II and the Seresto collars by Bayer. 

With spot on treatments or collars please make sure that you are using safe effective treatments for your pet.  Do not use products for dogs on cats or for cats on dogs, and be sure to read all the safety information if you have both dogs and cats in your household, as there are some treatments that can cause harm if ingested by the wrong species.

The spot on and oral treatments are monthly, while the Seresto collars last for 8 months (roughly the whole season when fleas and ticks are active).  With both products expect there to be a delay of a few days before they are fully effective.

As with all pesticides, these treatments do carry some risk and are not recommended for sick pets or pets with highly sensitive skin.  If your pet has a liver or kidney problem please consult with your vet before using any flea or tick prevention or treatment.  If you notice your pet acting oddly in the first week after trying a new method of flea or tick prevention, please consult with your vet immediately. 

As a final warning, do NOT use products such as bio spot or hartz, both brands have been linked with dangerous side effects.

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