Sarah’s Pet Sitting provided professional leash walking & running in ALL of Cheshire & Wallingford, CT and many other nearby areas.

Professional Dog Walking is when a professional pet sitter/dog walker comes to your home to walk your dog.  This type of service will typically fall in the price range of $20 – $25 per 30 minute visit with leash walking.  Your Professional Pet Sitter will be INSURED & BONDED, PET CPR CERTIFIED, NATIONALLY BACKGROUND CHECKED, and will have a LEGAL BUSINESS STRUCTURE REGISTERED WITH YOUR TOWN.

Many hobbyist pet sitters, friends, & neighbors may offer their services for dog walking but please be very cautious when hiring anyone who is not insured & does not have any credentials to come into your home and care for your pets.  Please consider the liability risk, especially if considering hiring a minor child for these types of services.  If your dog injures this person or someone else you could be liable, as well as being liable if the sitter is injured on your property.  Also, if your pet is hurt or something is damaged or stolen in your home you have NO protection if you have hired an uninsured person.

Sarah’s Pet Sitting, LLC is liability insured & bonded via Mourer & Foster Kennel Pro.  In CT we have many options for Professional Pet Sitting & Dog Walking services, please check up to date insurance, credentials, & references, anytime you hire someone to come into your home.