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As a vet tech I understand the importance of being prepared. Thats why the team is trained in First Aid and CPR through Pet Tech CPR & First Aid and classes at The Cheshire Cat and Dog Too.

Here is a simple list that everyone who owns a pet should have in there home
1. Betadine solution for cleaning wounds
2. Buffered or coated aspirin for fever (consult vet) give 1/4 tablet of a 325 milligram tablet for every 10 pounds of weight , once or twice a day and unfortunately the only way to take a pets temperature is the old fashion way with a rectal thermometer. Be sure to purchase a thermometer that reads in seconds, NOT minutes.
3. Oatmeal dog shampoo for itching skin
4. Epson salt for cleaning wounds and / or soaking wounds on their paws
5. Hydrogen Peroxide to induce vomiting…but DO NOT DO THIS UNLESS YOU HAVE SPOKEN WITH YOUR VETERINARIAN first or have contacted pet poison control
1-800-213-6680 . Your veterinarian will inform you of the dose of hydrogen peroxide to give to your pet if he or she feels it is alright to induce vomiting…it is usually 1 tablespoon for every 15 to 20 pounds of weight
6. Over the counter hydrocortisone cream for treating minor itching or inflamation
7. Pepto Bismo for diarrhea which I have used and it works great…give 1 teaspoon for every 20 pounds of weight every 4 hours (consult vet)
8.  Canned pumpkin to relieve constipation…one teaspoon in the AM with food and one teaspoon in the P.M with food…I actually learned this trick from one of are clients
9. Simple saline solution to rinse the pets eyes
10.Triple antibiotic ointment or cream
11.Gauge to wrap a wound

When I took the Pet first aid course, Howie from Cheshire Cat and Dog recommended we all put together a first aid kit for our pets at home and also to keep one in our car in case we come across an injured pet.  Please call Animal Control if you are afraid to approach an injured pet…they will bite you if in pain or scared. At Sarah’s Pet Sitting we are certified in pet first aid  and pet CPR certified and can help you in taking care of a sick pet or injured animal
Feel free to contact Sarah, owner of Sarah’s Pet sitting at 860-944-74786

CHESHIRE VET IS OPEN 24 / 7 to help answer questions and to advice whether or not to bring in your pet  203 – 272 – 3266.

We want you to feel comfortable with us as pet sitters and want your pet to remain healthy and happy

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  1. Sarah December 29, 2013 at 10:17 pm

    Hi…I am intersted in taking a pet CPR course as soon as possible. Can you please contact me with a schedule?

    Thank you for your time.

    Sarah Bacon

    • Sarah MacDonald January 11, 2014 at 12:31 pm

      Please contact the Cheshire Cat & Dog Too if you are close to Cheshire, if not please visit the Pet Tech website for a list of other classes.

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