If your dog is like most others the answer is probably no.  Our Dogs were born to work for a living.  They’ve been working along side us for thousands of years and most we’re bred for a particular purpose, like hunting, herding, or providing protection.  A “wild” dog would spend most of its day hunting, scavenging for food, running, and playing with other dogs from the pack.  Dog’s are very intelligent and were born to live lead busy complex lives, interacting socially and solving simple problems necessary for their survival.


Now in today’s world the most common job for our “companion” dogs, is guarding the couch.  They no longer are forced to use their brains for survival and have adapted to our less then ideal activity levels.  Most dogs are confined, alone, or inactive for a good part of the day and it requires little to no effort to get their food in a bowl for free.  This lack of activity or purpose leaves our pets with no outlet, physically or mentally for their naturally active lives and can lead to a wide variety of behavioral problems.


Some of the most common signs of a bored or under stimulated dog are:

  • Chewing, digging, or scratching
  • Investigative behaviors such as garbage raiding
  • Extreme excitability, hyperactivity, or night time mischief
  • Knocking over furniture or jumping up onto people
  • Play biting
  • Attention getting behaviors such as barking or whining


Here’s the good News!

Most if not all of these behaviors and lack of mental stimulation can be reversed with a well thought out exercise program custom tailored to your pets.

Sarah’s Pet Sitting’s very own Canine Coach, Professional Pet Sitter and Pack Leader – Alex is available to help.



Alex has been a member of the Sarah’s Pet Sitting team for three years.  Alex is no stranger to fitness and hard work.  Aside from being a professional pet sitter Alex is also a nutrition and fitness aficionado with over 14 years of experience.  Alex is passionate about health and fitness.  When he’s not on the road getting your dog’s in tip top shape he can be seen anywhere around Cheshire working on his own health.  Alex is actively involved in the fitness community he specializes in nutritional education, strength training, long distance running, cardiovascular endurance, agility, Crossfit, and Krav Maga to name a few.


Sarah’s Pet Sitting is now proud to offer our new high intensity 30-60 minute service called TRAINING WITH ALEX!


Here’s just some of what’s included:

  • FREE new client meeting with Alex
  • Customized exercise plan for your dog
  • 30-60 minutes of rigorous exercise for you pet which can include:
    • 1-5 mile interval running depending on your dog’s activity level
    • Agility work
    • Brain exercises to challenge your pets mind
    • Detailed workout log of your dog’s progress

 The Side Effects

 Sarah’s Pet Sitting must warn you of some of the side effects of this program:

  • Reduced or eliminated unwanted behaviors previously listed
  • Reduced digestive problems and constipation
  • Increased confidence and trust found in timid dogs
  • Increased sleep, rather than restlessness at bedtime
  • Increase in agility and limberness
  • Weight loss

Not only are we going to help your best friend live a healthier longer life, your dog is going to have a whole bunch of fun too.



If you can take one this away from this letter please remember, just because you have a fenced in yard or take your dog for walks does not necessarily mean they are getting exercise or feeling fulfilled, they need to be challenged both mentally and physically.

Coach Alex

Some excerpts taken directly from the ASPCA