Fireworks are extremely loud to dogs and can scare them easily
here are a few simple tips you can do to keep your pets safe this holiday weekend.

1. Make sure all windows and doors are closed when the fireworks start.
2. Make sure your dogs collar can not slip off his head.
3. Microchip your pets, even your cats..loud noises can cause cats to just ran away or hide if they get loose outside.
4. Turn on a radio or TV to drown out the fireworks.
5. If they are really really scared you can wrap them up tight in a blanket to give them a safe and secure feeling or use a Thundershirt.
6. Never ever take a dog or cat to a firework show.
7. Check with your veterinarian if you think your pet needs a tranquilizer to keep them calm during the fireworks.                                                                                                               8. All pets should have tags with phone number and address, rabies tag, & pet insurance tag.

Keeping your pet calm and safe during this holiday and always is key.

~Pet Sitter Annie