Overnight Pet Sitting is a service where a professional pet sitter sleeps overnight in your home with your pets.   They can sleep in bed with your pets and provide care according to your pet’s normal morning and evening routine.

Overnight Length

Overnight Pet Sitting is typically 10 or 12 hours long.  Some pet sitters may also offer a live in service.  Sarah’s Pet Sitting offers 12-hour overnights from 7:30 p.m. to 7:30 a.m.  With an option to add one or two daytime visits.  When interviewing overnight pet sitters be sure to ask how long they will be staying and when they plan to arrive and leave.

Are Overnights Best for my pet?


Overnight pet sitting is an excellent service for pets who are used to sleeping in bed with their people at night or for those who are not able to be alone for 11-12 hours overnight in between pet sitting visits.  Be sure to ask your pet sitter how long your pets will be alone overnight if you are booking a pet sitting visit service only.

Overnight pet sitting is strongly recommended for all dogs that have o be crated at all times when no one is home.  Even when booking four visits a day, crated dogs are spending 21-22 hours out of 24-hour day in crate.  This is a very long time for a dog t be crated and is not appropriate for more than 1-2 day in a row.

We also recommend overnight pet sitting for elderly pets, pets with medical needs, or pets with anxiety or separation issues.  Oral medication and supplements can be administered to your pet at no extra cost. For a small additional cost most professional pet-sitting business can administer insulin or subcutaneous fluids.

Blizzard 2013 What does your overnight pet sitter do in the event of a storm?

What is included with my overnight pet sitting?

All basic care for your pets, feeding, cleaning pet messes, leash walking, outside time, snuggle time & playtime can all be included in your pets overnight.  Services for cats are typically included at no extra cost.  Also services for your home, bringing in mail, watering plants, and adjusting blinds are also included.

At Sarah’s Pet Sitting we typically let your pet out in a fenced yard or go for a short leash walk upon or arrival.  Then give your pet dinner, fresh water, and any medications.  We wash all pet dishes daily & pick up any #2 from your pet that occurs while we are there.  We then let pets out again after eating for a last potty break before bed.  We repeat a similar routine again in the morning.


 A great advantage of overnight pet care is for the security of your home.  A car in your driveway every night lets people know that someone is home.  Your pet sitter can also set your alarm system, and bring in all your mail and newspapers.  Sarah’s Pet Sitting employee pet sitters DO NOT bring any friends or visitors to your home. The only people that will be in your home are insured employees of Sarah’s Pet Sitting.

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What is the cost of overnight pet sitting?

One advantage is that the cost typically includes all pets, so overnight pet sitting can be a great savings over boarding for those with multiple pets.  Cost can vary greatly from $50-$100 per night depending on the type of pet sitter you are hiring.

There are three general types of pet sitter.

1. Hobby Pet Sitter

2. Professional Solo Pet Sitter

3. Professional Pet Sitter with Employees.

What should I ask when interviewing a potential Overnight Pet Sitter?

Batman, Professional Snuggle Tester

1.     DO YOU HAVE BACK UP?? Who will stay over with my pet if you have an emergency?

2.     Are you insured & bonded?

3.     Does your insurance cover if you are hurt in my home?

4.     Are you pet CPR certified?

5.     Is your back up person covered under your insurance?

6.     Is your back up person CPR certified?

7.     How will you check in with me and demonstrate that the appropriate length of time scheduled has been spent with pets?

8.     Will you be recording your arrivals, departures, and all pet care details?

9.     Will you be picking up after my pet, washing pet dishes, and administering and recording medications needed by my pet at the appropriate times.

10. Will you be having any other people in my home with you and does your insurance cover them as well?

11. Will you be having any other pets in my home?

12. Will you be cooking or showering in my home?

13. Will you sleep in bed with my pet or do you bring your own air mattress to sleep in?


Please contact Sarah’s Pet Sitting and we will be happy to answer all of your questions about overnight pet sitting.  We have been providing overnight services for our clients for almost 5 years now.  If your out of our area , please let us know and we can put you in touch with a Professional Overnight Pet Sitter in your area.