1. Availability: A professional pet sitting business with employees will have considerably more availability and can accommodate your preferred scheduled.
  2. Back Up: A pet sitter with employees has back up in an emergency, if a personal emergency arises for one of the employees another employee or the business owner is able to fill in.  No more having your pet sitter cancel at the last minute.
  3. Liability Insurance: If your pet sitter has employees instead of independent contractors they will be covered under the pet sitters liability and bonding insurance which protects you if your pet is injured or if something is damaged in your home.
  4. Workers Compensation: If your pet sitter has employees instead if independent contractors, they will be covered by workers compensation insurance which protects you if a pet sitter is hurt on your property.
  5.  Background Checked: Pet Sitting employees are professionally background checked, a professional pet sitting business will have a detailed background check performed that is national, not just town or state only.
  6. A second eye: A second pet sitter visiting your home and pets may notice something the other pet sitter may not have.  Pet siting employees communicate and work together to provide the optimal care for your pets.
  7. Experience: Each pet sitter brings a different set of experience & credentials; they can contact each other as well as pet sitting management/owner if they have a problem or question.
  8. Personal: A professional pet sitting business will introduce new employees to their clients and send a schedule so the clients know what pet sitters will be visiting their home.  This maintains the personal feel of hiring an individual pet sitter with the advantages of hiring a business with employees.
  9. Management: Pet Sitting employees allow the pet sitting business owner to manage the business. A pet sitter with employees has more time to answer and return phone calls, process request, provide service for last minute request, & be on standby for assisting or back up to any of their employed pet sitters.
  10.  Peace of Mind: When you hire a professional pet sitter with employees you have the peace of mind to enjoy your vacation or focus on your workday knowing that ALL bases are covered.
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