While working as Veterinary Technician at Mt Lore Animal Hospital in Planstville or Yale University in New Haven I saw just about everything.  I’m going to leave routine check ups and emergency procedures off this list and tell you the most common things I saw working in a veterinary hospital.  Let me just say this list isn’t designed to diagnose your pets illnesses in any way what so ever or offer medical advice.  I highly recommend keeping up with your dogs regular veterinary checkups.  However if you need help selecting the Best Veterinarian for your family in Connecticut we are always happy to help.

The top 10 reasons dogs visit their veterinarian are :

1. Ear Infections
2. Skin Allergies
3. Skin Infections
4. Vomiting
5. Diarrhea
6. Bladder Infections
7/ Benign Skin Tumors
8. Eye Infections
9. Arthritis
10. Hypothyroidism

All of these issues have different symptoms and treatments and in many cases these issues were discovered during a dogs regular veterniary check up.

Sick Dog visiting the VET

A quick way to check for some of these issues is just to start at the head of your dog and run your fingers through his coat feeling for any lumps or bumps on there body.. smell there ears, look at there eyes and watch how they eat, and as they get older, how

they are walking and can they manage stairs as well as they did when they were younger.

Has there appetite changed ? Are they eating and drinking enough or have they stopped eating…If your pet has stopped eating, a vet. appointment is crucial.. Remember you know your pet better than anyone

As a pet owner myself I watch my pets behavior, how they are feeling and how they are acting,,and how there appetite is, each day. I always keep chicken in my freezer and plain white rice on hand in the pantry for diarrhea and or vomiting.  It’s a good idea to have these few items in your home. A quick call to your veterinarian will put your mind at ease, if you feel that your pet is just not acting right. Remember A healthy pet, is a Happy Pet.

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