10301971_680545208658292_4072875328727614545_nWhy You Don’t Want To Skimp When It Comes To Pet Sitters

A Guest Blog by Matt Scott of Creature Comforts of Charlotte Pet Sitting

If you are like us, your pets truly are a part of your family. And when we pet sit for you in Charlotte, we treat your furry family members like they’re a part of ours!

From time to time I’ll explore Craig’s List pet care service postings. I always cringe when I see the inevitable $10 pet sitter ad. Some people feel this is a great option for them, their pets, and their budget. While we appreciate that everyone has a pet sitting budget to stick to, please keep in mind the adage, you get what you pay for.

A $10 pet sitter is quite often a part-time or hobby pet sitter. They see it as an opportunity to make a few dollars by showing up, throwing down some food, quick cleaning a litter box and then leaving. What kind of quality care is that for your pets?

When we go on vacation we’re gone longer than a typical work day, so essentially our pets are left wondering where you went and *when* are you going to be back?  A $10 pet sitter isn’t concerned about spending lots of time loving your pet or providing you with exceptional service and care because after gas, wear/tear on the car, and their time, they’re making about $7 an hour if they’re lucky. It’s just a way to make a few extra dollars. Can you rest assured that they will show up for every visit? Will they tell you what they’ve done while they are visiting, or provide you with updates while you’re away?  Will they pay attention to details such as locking the back gate and putting toys away you requested that your pet might chew up? Will they administer any medications on time and in the correct dosage or will they do it when it’s convenient to them? What if they’re having trouble getting your pet to take their medications? Will they just dismiss the medicine, but tell you your pet received it? These are all things to consider when hiring a $10 pet sitter.

More importantly, it is highly doubtful your $10 pet sitter is insured! What if something happens to your pets while you’re away? What if they became ill? What if your home/property is damaged in some way by them? Is your $10 pet sitter going to take responsibility for that? Do you have a contract with your $10 pet sitter that spells out all the ways you, your pets and your home are protected? Most probably don’t. It’s a huge risk to hire a non-professional to trust your home and pets too! Even when people hire a friend or family member things can go wrong, but hiring a $10 a visit pet sitter, someone that is most often not a professional and simply doesn’t take what they’re doing seriously, is just not a terribly good idea.

You may be saving a few dollars by using them, but what possible ultimate price could you be paying by doing so? A professional pet sitter such as Creature Comforts of Charlotte Pet Sitters provides an invaluable service that brings peace of mind and quality care for your beloved furry family.

Matthew Scott
Creature Comforts of Charlotte Pet Sitting