10360767_772790769433735_7630963118051666384_nProfessional Pet Sitting Business with Employees

Average Cost Per Visit $18-$25

Average Cost Per Overnight $65 – $85  per night

Your Professional Pet Sitting Business with Employees will be:

*Credentialed & Experienced

*Insured & Bonded

* Pet CPR Certified

* Have great deal of availability and be available on short notice

* Provides several references & has relationships with local Veterinary offices.

*Trade Name Registered with Town

*  An LLC or another type of legal business structure

* Have employees covered by workers compensation insurance and covered under the business liability and bonding insurance.

* Have a system such as Leash Time or Power Pet Sitter to manage all schedules and invoices efficiently and without error.Kennel-Pro

*Accepts Credit card payments for client convenience.pet-prof-guild

*Member of Professional Organizations


Professional Pet Sitter Solo or with Independent Contractorsapse-logo

Average Cost Per Visit $16- $24

Average Cost Per Overnight $60- $80

Professional Pet Sitters who work independently or with independent contractors will be:

*Insured & Bonded

*Pet CPR Certified

* Has a legal business structure & is registered by the town

* Will be able to provide references and will be a member of at least one professional pet-tech-logo-400x114organization.

* They typically have fewer expenses so can charge a slightly less rate however may have limited availability, back up, and Independent Contractors may not be legally covered under insurance policies.DSC02369


Hobbyist Pet Sitters

Average Cost Per Visit $10-$15

Average Cost Per Overnight $25- $50

Pet Sitters that provide service as hobby only do not have insurance, may not be CPR certified, or have any type of legal business structure. Please use caution when hiring such individuals to care for the safety & well being of your pets & home.