When choosing the correct food for your pet it can be a little over whelming.
There are 5 different ways in which to feed your pet and we all need to find what works best for our own pets, and provides the best nutritional value and meets their individual specific needs.

1. A Raw Diet
2. A High Quality Dry food
3. Canned Wet food
4. Home made food
5. Vegetarian food

We all want the best food for our pets so that they will live a long , happy and healthy life.

At Sarah’s pet sitting we can recommend top quality feeding advice for your pet. We also suggest consulting your veterinarian and visiting your local pet store

There are 2 great pet stores in Cheshire that are very knowledgeable when it comes to feeding your pet, from a puppy or kitten to a senior pet or to a pet with medical issues such as digestive problems, kidney or liver disease , diabetes or heart issues..

Cheshire Cat and Dog 2
Rt. 70 Old Waterbury Road

Thomaston Feed Store
Rt 10 South Main Street

There are also some wonderful web sites that can help you in choosing the right pet food for your pet

For Dogs :

Dog Food Advisor

The Whole Dog Journal

For Cats :

Cat Info

Feline Nutrition

Felines Pride

Exclusively Cats

Which ever way you choose to feed your pet, make sure your pet is getting the best nutrients and minerals from their food and that the food you choose is the most beneficial for their individual needs. What you feed your pet is very important and will keep your pet healthy and happy so that you can have a long and wonderful life together.

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