2014-12-28_1419769544When I first became a Professional Pet Sitter for Sarah’s Pet Sitting, I was asked the same question more than a couple times. “How do the clients and management know for sure that you go to the visit when you’re supposed to?” The answer lies in our pet sitting management program, Leash Time.   At Sarah’s Pet Sitting, all employees and clients have access to Leash Time. This program can be accessed from a computer,  I Pad or from your web enabled mobile device.

When we arrive for a scheduled visit, the first thing that we as pet sitters do is check-in from our mobile device. The check-in not only records our time of arrival, but also marks a GPS location point at the time of check-in. The same goes for when we check-out of the visit. The time is again recorded in addition to the GPS location, proving where we are and what time we were there. There is also an option while checking out to add a comment. We will usually add a quick little note about how the visit went or we may add other important information into the comment section, such as who has possession of keys or if a payment was collected. All of this information can be easily accessed by the client at their convenience. In addition, management always monitors Leash Time to ensure that all visits are always marked complete.

Another available option for clients is to ask for a message to be sent to them after the visit has been completed. Upon request, pet sitters will call, text or email clients to inform them of how the visit went & confirm that it was completed. This is an optional service and can be easily requested while filling out your Leash Time client profile. You may choose to be contacted once a day, every other day, at your first and/or last visit or only if needed.

While at a pet sitting or dog walking visit, we also always note our visit in the pet sitting notebook, which will be provided to you. We not only record the date and time, but we also include a summary of the visit. We will inform you of your pet’s outdoor bathroom habits, feedings, medications administered among other details of the visit. Within the notebook, we will also a keep a printed copy of your client profile, a veterinarian form and a medication form.

In general, you will need to be able to put your overall trust in your pet sitter. All Sarah’s Pet Sitting employees are background checked and are people of good morals in general. But the Leash Time program helps to give you that added peace of mind.

~SPS Pet Sitter Article