Sarah’s Pet Sitting is always available to service clients during snowy & icy weather.  Please see the following cancellation and safety policies.

 Cancellation Policy

During snowy and/or icy weather please LOG IN and CANCEL as soon as possible if you will be home or will otherwise not need our services.

When Cheshire Public Schools are CLOSED due to severe weather pet visits must be cancelled via LOG IN and must be cancelled at least 6 hours prior to the start of the scheduled time window and cancellation fees will be waived.

During SEVERE winter weather overnight pet sitting, weekend & holiday pet visits must be cancelled via LOG IN and must be cancelled at least 12 hours prior to the start of the overnight and cancellation fees will be waived.

It is ESSENTIAL that all short notice cancellations be submitted via LOG IN. If you call or email your cancellation your pet sitter may not receive notice in time and cancellation fees will not be waived.

ALL services will continue as scheduled unless we receive your cancellation via log in. SPS management has AWD vehicles and will complete all services if your regular pet sitter is not able to travel safely.

In very severe weather conditions that cause roads to be impassable, SPS will contact your emergency contact neighbor to check in on your pets.  Please make sure your emergency contact info is up to date in your SPS online profile.

Safety Policy

All snow & ice removal on client property is the responsibility of the client.

Please make arrangements for someone to clear your driveway and walk ways and any entrances being used by your pets & pet sitter.

If we cannot enter your driveway or walkways safely you will be notified. We will try again to gain safe access at your next scheduled visit.

PLEASE provide shovels, flashlights, and sand or pet safe ice melt at all entries being used by your sitter & pets. This is required for the safety of the sitter and pets.

Home Entry

Please remember garage codes do not always work in in very cold weather & hidden keys may be impossible to retrieve in deep snow or ice. Please be certain SPS has TWO keys on file for your home to ensure entry.

Thanks you so much for your cooperation. If you have questions please contact SPS management at 203-439-0456.

Sarah & Alex MacDonald