Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 10.31.24 AMPets sitting rates depend on a number of factors. The most obvious factors considered are the driving
distance to your home, visit or overnight length, & the specific needs of your pets and home. However their are several other less known factors to consider which have to do with the credentials, insurance, experience, of your chosen pet sitter.

2014-12-26_1419611469We have listed some general rate ranges that you can expect to see when comparing pet sitting cost.  These ranges are based on per 30-minute visit or per 12-hour overnight cost. Keep in mind pet sitting visits can vary from 10 minutes to 1 hour. Overnight pet sitting can range from 10-14 hours.  The rate can vary considerably
depending on the length of time your pet sitter is staying & what types of task are included.

2014-12-20_1419087305Low Rate

Visit: $10-$17

Overnight: $40-$60

If your paying a “low rate” it may because your pet sitter has few expenses and may have not made an
investment into their business. You will want to confirm liability & bonding insurance, pet CPR certification & that your sitter has a back up plan if they are unable to sit for you.  “Low Rates” are typical of hobbyist sitters & pet sitters new to the business.


Visit: $18 – $25

Overnight: $65 – $85

If your paying a “moderate rate” you can expect your sitter to be insured & bonded, CPR certified, & to have contacts with other sitters for back up. Or even better, your sitter may have an employee for back up pet sitting. You can also expect that your sitter is a member of a professional organization & that your sitter uses an online system to manage there schedules & accounts.

2014-12-18_1418903755High but within reason

Visit: $26-$30

Overnight: $90- $115

If you’re paying a “high rate” you’ve likely hired a professional pet sitter. Please see the Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Professional Pet Sitter.  Always validate credentials, insurances, & check several references.
Pet Sitting Business’s with high rates are typically paying employees to do a majority of the pet sitting.  The cost to have employees that are covered by workers compensation insurance is significant. High rates can be expected in cities and high-income areas.  These rates are charged so that pet sitters can cover the many expenses involved to provide extraordinary service to their clients & pets.

2014-12-12_1418389079Special Needs & Out of Service area

Visit: $30+

Overnight $120+

For pets with special needs or for driving outside of service areas higher rates can be expected.  You can also expect to pay extra for holidays, last minute bookings, & medical treatments.

You will want to find the combination of qualifications & cost that work for you and your pets. The best sitters are confident, will encourage your questions, & will offer a referral if you find they are not a good fit you.