Choosing a pet sitter to care for your four legged family for the first time can be a stressful experience.  At Sarah’s Pet Sitting we do everything we can to make sure that you are 100% comfortable leaving your pets in our care and become a life long client.  Your satisfaction is our Top Priority!

When your ready to choose a pet sitter or dog walker obviously we would love you to choose Sarah’s Pet Sitting however that may not be an option for you for some reason or another.  So we’ve put together a great list of what to look for when hiring a professional pet sitter, dog walker or dog trainer and the difference Sarah’s Pet Sitting brings to the table.

Hiring your friend, neighbor or relative.

Average Cost : Free – $10 per visit / Free – $40 per overnight

Have your friends or family watch your pets can be great but as we’ve seen time and time again it can easily go terribly wrong.  When hiring a friend or family member please make sure they are someone you can trust and count on 100%.  We do NOT recommend hiring teenagers or anyone you have not known for a long time.  Heres a few reasons why..

1. They may back out if they have their own family emergency or if something ‘better’ comes up.

2. They may have unknown guests with them at your home or send their friend or someone unknown to you to care for you pets if they are unable to make it.

3. They typically do not have the experience or attention to detail that a professional pet sitter would have.

4. They are not background checked, reference checked, CPR certified or liability insured.

5. Most importantly, you are responsible as the homeowner should go wrong or if anyone is hurt on your property.

Hiring a Non Professional “Pet Sitter”

Average Cost : $5 – $15 per visit / $30 – $50 per overnight

We are seeing more and more non professional “pet sitters” or hobby pet sitters popping up everyday.  Most disguise themselves as professional pet sitters however these groups or individuals are not legitimate businesses.  They’re not registered with the town or state,they do not pay taxes, they do not have insurance or bonding, they are not background checked and they typically do not have any set rates, systems or policies in place.  We do not recommend hiring these individuals, keep in mind just because someone has a business card does not mean they are actually a business.  Always ask questions, ask to see references, proof of insurance and make sure you are hiring a professional pet sitter.

Hiring a Solo Professional Pet Sitter

Cost $15 – $25 per visit / $50 – $80 per overnight.

Solo professional pet sitters are a great option for your pet sitting needs.  These are individuals who pet sit or dog walk full time but operate as a single individual or sometimes as team with a spouse.  Some may have independent contractors or other similar pet sitters who help them when they are busy or unavailable.

The drawback to a solo pet sitter is that they are limited in the number of clients they can service and often fill up quickly and well in advance.  They will also have periods where they are unavailable for personal vacations and / or holidays.  The biggest drawback is that they may not and often do not have adequate back up to take over pet sitting if they are hurt, sick or have an emergency.  Heres what to look for when hiring a professional pet sitter.

1. Liability Insured and Bonded

2. They’re business is registered with the state and town

3. They pay taxes

4. Background checked

5. Refrences readily available

6. Set rates, systems and policies

7. Pet CPR and First Aid Certified

Hiring Sarah’s Pet Sitting or another professional pet sitting company with employees.

Cost $18 – $40 per visit / $80 – $125 per overnight

Hiring Sarah’s Pet Sitting or another business with employees may be an excellent option for your pet sitting and dog walking needs.  In addition to having all of the credentials, experience and insurance of a solo pet sitter they will also have a great deal of availability.  Sarah’s Pet Sitting is available 24/7, 365 days a year including all major holidays.  At Sarah’s Pet Sitting we always have back up in the event of an emergency.  At Sarah’s Pet Sitting we have a dedicated office team to manage the daily operations while owners Sarah and Alex work with clients and our team of excellently trained employees to ensure our clients are receiving the superior service Sarah’s Pet Sitting is known for.

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Here are the benefits of hiring Sarah’s Pet Sitting to care for your home and pets.

1. Extensive Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance

2. Two to three month training process for all employees

3. Nationally background checked employees who are great at their jobs.

4. CPR and First Aid Certified employees who pet sit full time.  Sarah’s Pet Sitting does not hire temporary or seasonal employees.

5. Veterinary Technician ( Sarah MacDonald ) on call to assist in the case of an emergency.

6. We pay taxes and provide jobs in your community.

7. Fully integrated management  system for scheduling, invoicing and keeping detailed pet and home information securely.

8. Each client has their own username and pw to our online client system to book and pay for services right online, no playing phone tag

9. Dedicated office staff to assist with scheduling or answer any questions you may have.

10. We accept all major credit cards with the option for auto payment for services.

11. Fully transparent policies, procedures and rate structure for all clients.

12. 5 Star Reviews on Yelp, Google and Facebook.

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