Cheshire Community Butterfly Gardens

Pollinator Hotel Workshop  – Sponsored by Sarah’s Pet Sitting

Pollinator Hotel Workshop

Sarah’s Pet Sitting had such a great time sponsoring a Pollinator Hotel workshop at Cheshire Nursery for the Cheshire Community Butterfly Gardens.  This free educational workshop was focused on supporting our Connecticut native non-stinging solitary bees, which can pollinate several thousand blooms per day and play an important role as pollinators on our planet.

We we’re lucky to have so many families show up to assemble their very own Bee Hotel to attract these beneficial insects to their gardens and provide these bees a safe place to lay their eggs. At the same time we we’re also able to raise quite a bit of money to help support Cheshire West Community Gardens!

Cheshire West Community Butterfly Gardens

Cheshire West Community Gardens goal is to provide outdoor butterfly gardens for the public to enjoy, inspire and educate others to plant eco-friendly butterfly habitats with native flora, and encourage local beautification projects. The program is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit run by Gary Richards of Cheshire. Soon you will be able to enjoy two Butterfly Gardens, and a companion official “Michaela’s Garden”, located along the Farmington Canal Heritage Trail next to the West Main Street crosswalk in Cheshire, CT. Their companion official Petit Family Foundation “Michaela’s Garden” serves as a seed collection and harvesting site for the public. To learn more please visit Cheshire West Community Butterly Gardens on FaceBook.

Check out some photos from the event below 🙂