The 4th of July Is Fireworks Time.

(For a list of Firework displays throughout CT, Click here)

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We want to make sure everyones pets stay safe this year so we’ve compiled a short list of some Do’s and Don’ts to keep your dogs safe this year.

Don’t bring your dog with you to firework displays. Many Animal Control Officers report the week of the 4th of July as their busiest time with dog bites and finding loose dogs. Many of the bites happen at firework displays when a dog is frightened by the loud noise and tries to protect himself the only way he knows how.

Don’t leave your dog unattended in your yard at night. Even if your dog has never tried to escape the yard, dogs that are frightened can and will bolt and keep going. The fear adrenaline will push them right through the shock of an electric fence, and will deafen them to your calls.

Don’t use Acepromazine to sedate your dog. Studies have shown that Acepromazine can actually magnify a dog’s fear response to loud noises. This can increase his fear over time.

Do keep your dog in a secure, quiet area of your house. This will ensure that they are kept safe, and will hopefully muffle the sounds of fireworks.

Do give your dog any medications prescribed by your veterinarian. If you know your dog is afraid of fireworks, there are many prescription medications or over the counter supplements that can help them stay calm. Consult with your vet to find the best thing for your pet.

Do Make sure you pet has proper collar on and is wearing identification.  Without up to date identification tags if your dog does happen to get loose it will be much harder to get them back.  Sarah’s Pet Sitting also recommends having your pets microchipped, you can consult your vet for more information.

Do comfort your dog if he is frightened. Fear is an emotion, not a behavior. Comforting or soothing your dog will not teach him to be more fearful, but will let him know that you are there to support him. A soothing calm presence will help him to understand that it’s not as scary as he thinks it is.  You can learn more about how to read your dogs body language here 🙂

Laura Azevedo CPDT-KA

Sarah’s Pet Sitting Certified Professional Dog Trainer

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