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Have you ever considered hiring a Professional Pet Sitter or do you have questions as to just what Sarah’s Pet Sitting Does?

In short Sarah’s Pet Sitting’s Team of Professional Pet Sitters care for you pets in your absence at your home. Our Team of Professional Pet Sitters & Dog Walkers are animals lovers first who are also insured, bonded, certified and experienced in professional pet care. Click here to meet our team.

Pet Sitting is an excellent and affordable alternative to boarding your pets.  Dog and Cat boarding works great for some pets and owners but it’s just not for everyone. Some dogs do not like other dogs, loud noises or commotion of a kennel.  Your pet may hate driving in the car or you may just dread having to pack up all of your pets with their food and things to bring them to a kennel right before vacation.  

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Hiring a Professional Pet Sitter can solve all that and more.  Your pets never have to leave the comfort of their own home, your Professional Pet Sitter comes to you. Sarah’s Pet Sitting will come out to you for a Free New Client Meeting to go over your pet care routine in great detail and well as review all of your personal home care instructions.  Our Pet Sitters will follow all of your instructions for feeding, caring for or even administering your pets medication.

Sarah’s Pet Sitting offers a wide variety of Services custom tailored to your needs.  Your Pet Sitter will visit your pets multiple times per day and/or even sleep overnight with them.  Typically after day of Pet Sitting your pets will barely notice your gone. During your time away your Sarah’s Pet Sitting will send you text and email updates with photos multiple times per day so that you will be able to relax knowing They have a new loving and caring buddy to play with with while your gone. The best part is we will do our best to ensure their normal routine is for the most part unaltered.  Click here to view our Services.

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Sarah’s Pet Sitting is affordable too.  Our Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Service can be a very affordable alternative to boarding.  We do not charge extra for multiple pets and there are no hidden extras that many kennels charge for.  Leash walking, outdoor playtime, special feeding instructions and administering oral medication if needed is generally always included at no extra cost.  Click Here to view our current rates.

Sarah’s Pet Sitting has Certified Veterinary Technicians on Staff.  Is your pet elderly, diabetic or recovering from surgery?  Some people will consider veterinary boarding but this can be a very stressful and noisy environment where your pet will receive very limited individual attention.  During your pets Medical Pet Sitting visits a Certified Veterinary Technician will handle all of your pets medical needs.  A Certified Veterinary Technician has experience working in a veterinary hospital and can safely administer insulin, subcutaneous fluids or provide physical therapy to your pet.

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One of the best parts about hiring Sarah’s Pet Sitting is that we will not only care for your pets but for your home as well.  Sarah’s Pet Sitting will bring in the mail, adjust lights and blinds, take out garbage, water your plants and more.  Sarah’s Pet Sitting will also arm and disarm your alarm per your specifications and your home will appear occupied to the outside world while your away.  Sarah’s Pet Sitting will also be checking in with you regularly each day via text and email with photographs so that you have the peace of mind that your home and pets are safe, secure and well cared for.  The peace of mind Sarah’s Pet Sitting will bring you is truly priceless.

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Sarah’s Pet Sitting currently services all of Cheshire, Southington, Hamden, Wallingford, Meriden and Most of North Haven, Prospect, Bethany, Waterbury and Wolcott. If you are out of our service areas and would like a list of other Professional Pet Sitters please feel free to reach out to us for a recommendation.  

Please take a moment to look over our 5 Star reviews on Facebook, Google and Yelp or Explore our Website and Contact us to set up a Free New Client Meeting with Sarah’s Pet Sitting.

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